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Welcome to the Premier Integrated Technologies (PIT) website.  Premier is the world leader in technology, field services and engineering solutions for both oil and gas well optimization.  Premier’s strong emphasis on engineering analysis and very experienced field personnel has allowed our customers to truly identify opportunities to decrease lifting costs and increase production.


Premier Integrated Technologies has developed cost effective optimization solutions to increase gas production on liquid loaded wells; obtain downhole operating parameters such as bottom hole pressures, fluid levels and fluid gradients; and to provide dynamometer and surface equipment analysis for the most efficient lifting method for your recoverable hydrocarbons.


In addition, Premier has developed proprietary real time telemetry that allows wells to be controlled remotely in the field from a computer connected interface that communicates via cellular phone or satellite.  This information is downloaded onto a secured internet website which allows our engineering team to receive real time data.  Premier continues to increase production with cost effective solutions and innovative technology for our customers.

For inquiries and/or quotes on Premier optimization products and services, please contact your local sales representative or call toll free at 1-866-443-5656.






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